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Current version
BlueSol Design: V. 4.0.008
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The CadWare was founded in 1989 to develop software solutions for computer-aided design and 2D CAD programs to improve the industrial productivity of businesses of all sizes. Now CadWare also provides solutions for the design of photovoltaic systems. Find out more...

Photovoltaic design software

BlueSol is a software for the design of photovoltaic systems in every country in the world. It allows you to perform the entire process of designing a PV system, from the preliminary assessment of producibility to the realization of the project documentation. BlueSol is a product made with a standard Microsoft interface, very easy to use but at the same time manages every detail of the PV system.

Top features:

Pre-dimensioning Wizard
  • Choice of location and interactive design on the map (requires internet connection)
  • Interactive design of layout over map and 3D view
  • Automatic string insertion with optimal filling of areas
  • Automatic insertion of inverters, panels, batteries and connecting cables
  • Automatic pre-dimensioning of electrical components
  • Microinverter management
  • Produces a complete and verified project
  • The project can then be modified in each part to obtain any possible configuration
Design every type of photovoltaic system Archives editable and expandable
  • Grid connected systems
    • Without storage
    • With AC-coupled battery storage
    • With DC-coupled battery storage
  • Stand-Alone systems
  • Modules, Inverters, Batteries, Inverter-chargers
  • Cables and other electrical components
  • Consumption of electrical devices
  • Consumption profiles
Model the PV system scheme Panels, cables and electrical components
  • Model the system scheme in every detail
  • Use of wizards or direct editing
  • Edit scheme tree via copying and pasting
  • Easily achieve any system configuration
  • Create templates of the system
  • Calculate the voltage drops on the cables
  • Checks on electrical components
  • Automatic size of the electrical components
  • Archives to store the most used components
  • Bill of electrical components
Layout on the map
  • Interactive design over internet map and 3D view
  • Automatic and optimized insertion of strings, inverters, panels, batteries and cables
  • Edit of arrangement of inserted devices
  • Management and edit of obstacles
  • Shadowing management
  • Calculation of map of distribution of radiations on areas
  • Calculation of map of shading on areas
  • Exporting system layout to DWG and to image
Results Electrical scheme
  • Verifications on system components
  • Far shading ad near shading loss calculation
  • Use of PV energy produced
  • Consumpion coverage
  • Days of autonomy for stand-alone system
  • Single-line electrical scheme
  • Automatic generation
  • Edit using CAD tools
  • Export to DWG
Wizards World wide Location
  • Dimensioning of the photovoltaic system
  • Definition of the cables
  • Dimensioning of electrical components
  • NASA-SSE world wide irradiations
  • Insertion of new data of irradiation by the user
  • Internet maps support
Economic evaluation Production of project documentation
  • Detailed economic analysis
  • Options to suit needs of different countries
  • Default and user templates of documents
  • Integrated word processor
BlueSol is available in a single installation and different languages.
When you run the installation you can choose the language that you prefer from the following available:
  • English
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
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