Localized Versions

BlueSol is available in various languages and is a software for the design of photovoltaic systems located in all countries of the world.

BlueSol therefore has the characteristic of not being tied to the regulations of a particular country.
This is an advantage as it allows it to be a software usable throughout the world, but is a disadvantage because it is not exploited to its full potential.
For this reason BlueSol has been developed foreseeing localized versions, not only with regard to the translation in a particular language, but also for the ability to modify and add functionality to the program to suit the needs of a particular country.

We are interested in creating localized versions in other countries, but we need to collaborate with local companies, who are familiar with the technical problems and with the regulations of their country.

If you are interested in a version of BlueSol for your country and if you have the skills to define what are the features that the software must have, please contact CadWare: you will have the opportunity to participate in a very interesting project and especially good business chances.



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