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Technology of BlueSol Design

The core of BlueSol Design simulates all system components: inverters, panels, modules, cables, electrical components.

This means that all existing relationships between the components in the reality are reproduced in BlueSol Design. The advantages are:

  1. A correct coupling between the components
  2. Easy and complete verification of the PV system
  3. Ample opportunity for future technological improvements of BlueSol Design

For the CAD part, ie the Layout and the Electrical scheme, BlueSol Design uses a library which is the core of BlueCAD 2.0, a complete and powerful 2D CAD developed and produced by CadWare. This gives two advantages:

  1. BlueSol has at its disposal a powerful tool for drawing and editing, complete and tested
  2. As it is a proprietary tool, CadWare can intervene on it to change its characteristics according to the needs of BlueSol

Main features of the CAD system of BlueSol Design

  • Support of AutoCAD® DWG format, for reading and writing, from version 2.5 to version 2014 (2000 in writing).
  • About 50 commands.
  • Direct editing of all the graphic objects.
  • Print Preview.
  • Automatic snap to vertices, grid, midpoints, intersection and others.
  • Support for TrueType fonts.
  • Preview of the drawings in reading phase.
  • Advanced settings for printing.
  • Window to view and edit the attributes of graphical objects.
  • Selection filters.
  • Preview the selection and construction of graphical objects.
  • Entering coordinates absolute, incremental and polar.
  • Mode of orthogonal design.
  • 256 colors, compatible with AutoCAD®.
  • Dynamic zoom.


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