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New features of BlueSol Design v 4.0 compared to the previous version
  • Support has been added for stand-alone installations and for batteries.
    So now BlueSol Design supports every type of photovoltaic system:
    • Grid connected systems
    • Stand-alone systems
    • Grid connected systems with AC-coupled battery storage
    • Grid connected systems with DC-coupled battery storage
  • The pre-sizing Wizard has been extended and now produces a system complete and verified, ready to print reports. You can always modify the system in each part to obtain a more in-depth configuration.
  • The search for the location on the map can be done by address or zip code (requires internet connection).
  • The layout of the system is displayed directly on the map, where you can interactively draw the positioning Areas of the modules, be they inclined pitches, flat roofs or ground areas. Using a sequence of segments, you can draw an Area of the desired shape. You can see the system in 2D from above or in 3D, optionally with a photorealistic rendering.
  • You no longer need to insert the system components manually in the Layout: photovoltaic modules, inverters, panels and cables are automatically arranged in an optimal way, you simply have to rearrange them if you have not got what you want.
    The arrangement of photovoltaic modules is facilitated by the definition of:
    • Sectors of the Area where the modules can be inserted
    • Clear paths where the modules cannot be inserted
    • A complete set of layout and spacing settings
  • New forms of obstacles are available, and their insertion is easier.
  • The shading and irradiation mapping calculations have been improved and sped up.
  • When batteries are used, consumption coverage is calculated.


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