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Product comparison
Price VAT excluded 290,00 Euro
490,00 Euro
Operating system    
Windows® 2000 Service Pack 3, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows 8
Creating a new project using the wizard for the dimensioning of the photovoltaic system
Creating a new project from a template
Archives of photovoltaic modules and inverters, data obtained from Photon, with more than 20,000 modules and more than 1600 inverters
Archive of photovoltaic modules, modifiable and expandable
Archive of the inverters, editable and expandable
Archive of cables and other electrical components managed by the user  
Archive for consumption of electrical devices
Archive consumption profiles
Importing data of modules and inverters from the portal of Photon
Project properties    
No limit to the power of the system
Data input: system, designer, customer, additional user data
Project Settings: system temperatures, sizing on power of the inverters, dispersions
Data tables for the average irradiation of locations most important
Insertion of new data of irradiation by the user
Importing of the irradiations from PVGIS
NASA-SSE world wide irradiations
Choice of locations and geographical coordinates with the aid of maps (requires internet connection)
Analysis of azimuth and tilt optimal. Possibility of differentiating the period of the year
Automatic insertion of far shading from digital images
Editing far shading
Possibility of multiple far shading on the same system
Importing shading generated by SunEye
Representation of the schema of the system in all its parts
Calculation of the irradiation on the plane of the panels
Calculation of the producibility of the photovoltaic system
Checks on the coupling between strings and inverters
Calculation of cables according to CEI-UNEL tables  
Determination of the voltage drops and the flow rates of the cables  
List of the electrical components of the system  
Management of MPPT  
Solar tracker support: Vertical single axis tracker, Horizontal single axis tracker, Dual axis tracker
Commands to cut, copy and paste the elements of the schema within the system schema
Selection commands by type of the elements of the system
Management of AC Panels connected to the main panel
Ability to explicitly specify the cable lengths  
Verifications of the electrical components  
Management of the electrical protection groups in the panels  
Dimensioning wizard of the photovoltaic system
Scheme of producibility of the sections of the system
Automatic rename of the system components
Wizard for the dimensioning of the photovoltaic system
Wizard for the definition of cables  
Wizard for the dimensioning of electrical components  
Importing planimetry from DWG or image (for example a photo from satellite)
Inserting strings easy and automated  
Inserting Inverters, panels and counters  
Cables arrangement with measurement of the lengths, that will be used in the verification  
Editing and printing of the layout with advanced CAD capabilities  
Exporting to DWG and DXF  
Wizard for the guided insertion of strings  
Wizard for guided arrangement of cables  
Inserting the Title Block  
3D visualization of the layout  
Shadowing due to obstacles next to the system  
Distribution of irradiations over the areas  
Animation of shadings on the PV system  
Verifications on the inverter: limits on the voltage. limits on the current. limits on the power.
Verifications on the inverter: calculation of the input voltage to the inverter calculated by reference to MPPT trackers.  
Verifications on the cables: voltage drop. capacity. calculation of the maximum voltage drop in the system.  
Verifications of electrical components  
Economic analysis    
Analysis of profitability of the plant with assessment of financing
Diagram of cash flow over the life of the system
Management of taxation
Management of incentive rates
Tools of analysis of the consumption and self-consumption of the system
Export in xls format of the summary tables
Electrical scheme    
Automatic generation of single-line electrical scheme  
Schema creation options: choice of layout. paper size. height of the character of the texts. display full or partial of modules and strings. The options for creating the schema are saved in the project  
In the regeneration of the electrical scheme the user can keep the primitives he had created  
Editing and printing of the electrical scheme with advanced CAD capabilities  
Exporting to DWG and DXF  
Print Documentation    
The technical documentation of the project is produced as editable Word documents obtained from customizable templates
Technical report
Economic report
Bill of cables  
Bill of electrical components  
User-created documents
Integrated RTF editor
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